Soil preparation

The soil preparation is fundamental for the production of strawberry plants.

1- VIANSA subsoils the ground to improve drainage to avoid an accumulation of salt in the ground.

2- Viansa disinfects the soil to eliminated pathogens and guarantee the health of the plants.

3- Mechanized plantation permits the efficient planting process.

Crop Cultivation

Viansa maintain a preventive control program for weeds, fungus and insects during the entire cultivating cycle.

1- In addition to official controls, VIANSA receives inspectors, clients and technicians of the different varieties programs.

2- The objective of VIANSA is to deliver to the clients healthy uniform plants.


VIANSA utilizes several specialized harvesting machines for plants.

1. Two harvesting machines can lift around 1,000,000 seedlings per day.


Plants are sent to the packing shield in the same day of harvest.

1. Each box bears a stamp informing variety, harvest date and number of plants. Also a pre-printed label required by INASE identifying the product and a seal of prohibition of propagation of the companies of which VIANSA is sublicensed.

2. The size is selected, and they are packed by variety in cardboard boxes lined inside with polyethylene.


After harvest plants are maintain and deliver under strict temperature control.

1. The transfer is carried out by land and sea transport, in trucks and refrigerated containers at -2ºC, and by air with direct delivery in 48 hours, or placed in refrigerated chambers in case of transshipment.