We are a leader

in the production of strawberry plants

VIANSA main product

Strawberry plants

In order to optimizes the hours of chill and hours of day light, Viansa cultivates strawberry plants at the foot of the Los Andes mountain range in San Carlos, Mendoza.
Our strawberry plants can be delivery as fresh plants with leaves in April or May. Dormant plants can be delivered from June until March of the following year.
VIANSA provides high quality plants to the most important strawberry fruit producers or Argentina and exports to more than 15 countries of the world.

VIANSA cares for its plants

Health of the plants

VIANSA maintains rigorous attentions and phytosanitary control in order to deliver healthy plants.
Each year VIANSA renews it nursery with certified mother plants from its countries of origin coming the most respected programs of propagation of the United States of America and Europe.

Plants are imported and multiplied under the phytosanitary control of SENASA and INASE.

VIANSA also has its own process for renovating and sanitizing meristem plants.

Our plant production process

Varieties commercially available

Viansa has a wide selection of short day and day neutral plants available. Viansa is also introducing a new variety almost every year.

Shory day variety
SAVANA (experimental)
Shory day variety ("infra" short day variety)
SAHARA (experimental)
Shory day variety
SAYULITA (experimental)
Shory day variety ("infra" short day variety)
Day Neutral Variety
SALMA (experimental)
Day Neutral Variety
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